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Hellrider 2
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Hellrider 2 (Infernal Racer 2) - is one of the mega action of infernal racer, who fights with the master of the skeletons.

This is the lord imprisoned you in jail, but you helped to get out. Now it's your goal - to race on a motorcycle through the various levels, fighting with strong skeletons and get points for heroism.

Implementation of the game is not very standard for this genre: hellrayder will go alone on the diagonal, and you'll only be timely Tapan on the screen by turning so as not to fall into the burning lava, crashing into an obstacle or sink.

On the way you will meet constantly and still skulls and skeletons of the fast, knocking them you will get points heroism. The farther you will call, the more interesting will be the game. You will be able to see the whole train with skeletons in cars, flying in airplanes - your driver will be able to manage almost all vehicles.

Yet you need to be faced with the same as you skeletons-riders. Enemies will throw bombs at you and you refuse and throw bombs in them the answer that there was only one rider on the track.


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