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Nun Attack
Nun Attack
Nun Attack
Nun Attack
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Nun Attack (Attack nuns) - a fascinating shooter parody application in which we meet with the holy nuns. The heroines are armed with genuine firearms and trying to win the battle against the rebels zombies and skeletons.

The game tells the story about a "Fallen Nun", which turned away from their God and captured the evil of the world to take advantage of its strength in the fight against the common people.

Try to restore justice four nuns who have different powers and perform its role in each team.

The gameplay is present several genres: arcade, shooter and tactical game. The player, as you already understood, will take control of four characters at once, which is pretty difficult, given the still high level of complexity, as well as a large number of attacking enemies.

Thanks to its high dynamics and complexity of the game is reminiscent of Epic Raiders. To manage heroine, you must first select it, and then run your finger to the desired point. Attack can be performed in the same manner.

Each nun has its own characteristics and has a certain set of skills that are very useful in battle.


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