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Mana Rush
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Mana Rush
Mana Rush
Mana Rush
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Mana Rush (Breakthrough Mana) - again you have to turn into a protective shield employee defensive line for the whole world. If you have already bored of similar games, then you are very povezlo because now you can really show their best side.

At this time, as your sworn enemies will act uninvited guests from hell: a variety of monsters, undead skelety and other monsters. These creatures have captivated all of your home country. For this reason you will need to remember all the fighting techniques that you used to own, and also to remind myself all the spells, to boldly go into battle.

Let the game plot here and a little bednovat in terms of originality and implementation plans of developers, but on the other hand this blagodarya zapominat you do not have a large number of absolutely unnecessary information. Can immediately start to fight and show their skills in weapons.

When you first zapustite app on your phone, first heroes, which you will see will be the brave fighters kotorymi and you have to manage. To make it easier to do it, every soldier can think of a name.


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