Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
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Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare (Attack of the Dead: Zombie War) is a great strategy where the user must fight the walking dead.

As it usually happens in similar applications, there was a zombie apocalypse, after which the surviving people try to remain representatives of humanity and not join the army of the dead.

The user should help the bus driver for schoolchildren, who have long and unsuccessfully tried to find a safe zone, gradually exploring the area. Each stage is to release the roadway, so that in the future there is an opportunity to move forward a little. At the same time on the way are constantly crowds of zombies, which interfere with clearing debris. By gradually calling units, the player needs to cope not only with the current obstacle, but also with a large number of dead opponents.

Naturally, the game has several types of combat units, each of which has a certain weapon. All wards can be improved, but for such purposes it will be necessary to look for special items at the levels, among which there is bread and medicines.


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