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Armageddon Racer
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Armageddon Racer
Armageddon Racer
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Armageddon Racer (Racer Karmagedona) - again, looking at the game title that has received this application, you will immediately understand chto before you exciting racing game where you have to move at a crazy speed. However, unlike the set of races here also present an interesting story, so the gameplay is quite fun.

You will be in the not-so-dalekom future where nasha planet again survived the apocalypse. In a post-apocalyptic state of the world plunged into chaos and anarchy uninterrupted.

As the protagonist zdes playing a guy who in the recent past was a racer. Now he must use to obtain the skills to survive in such a situation. You should try to go as far as possible from your own goroda, which is now turned into a dead, carrying death.

You will need time to move off from the starting point for so many miles, as far as you can. With each time try to set a new record for the distance. Of course, on your way appear and various obstacles that you will need to go around, just twisting the wheel.

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