Angry Birds Evolution

Angry Birds Evolution
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Angry Birds Evolution (Evil Birds Evolution) is a role-playing application with embittered birds as the main characters, where the developers implemented an unusual combat system.

Birds have their own island, which was attacked by the familiar green guinea pigs. The latter became abductors of eggs. The task of the user is as follows: it is necessary to recruit a team consisting of powerful representatives of birds, and to recapture the original bird lands.

With each victory, the player receives crystals, new eggs, thanks to which in our team there are additional combat units, as well as gold coins. There can be as many as five birds in the squad. Each soldier has his own level of development, which can be increased as you progress. The higher the last indicator of each bird, the stronger the team is in the end. In the future, it is also possible to improve and evolve the fighters.

In the combat system, the most popular mechanics in all games of the presented series is used: the playing field includes opponents to be fought by launching birds from the slingshot. In passing, our detachment demolishes fortifications, explodes dynamite, collects coins, as well as various bonuses.


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