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Angry cats
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Angry cats
Angry cats
Angry cats
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Angry cats (cats Evil) - if you think cats are very sweet and weak creatures, then you are mistaken, because in essence these zhivotnye are predators. Cats - a very smart and strong suschestva and they have postoyanny enemy - dog.

At one time the dog got superiority over cats, but the latter failed to long endure this routine. It is for this reason that the cat is now declared war on his inveterate enemies. And your zadacha now is to secure the victory meows creatures.

As the game got its name - Angry cats - it becomes clear that even razrabotchiki decided not to hide all of his creations similarity to the famous game of angry birds. Here you will see the similarity of the gameplay, and in the control system.

But in the proposed version at least once understandable reason that developing such a fierce struggle, as cats and dogs do not always love each druga, but that is not shared by birds, which for some reason are very angry, and pigs, which are also for unknown reasons have green color, not pink, por still remains a mystery.

The idea and characters - the only difference from the application submitted by the famous predecessor, and the rest - everything remains the same.


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