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Spaceships IO (Spaceman) - here the developers offer battles in the multiplayer mode, which are conducted on aircraft in outer space.

Players go through the application in a fan gameplay, where there is no training process, boring missions and long sessions. It's pretty simple: a gamer connects to the server and immediately finds itself in the hell.

The duration of the match is from five to seven minutes. During this time, players have to carry each other. This is helped by different types of weapons, but any step requires the expenditure of energy that can be replenished in the open spaces of space.

The amount of energy, of course, is limited, so aiming, and even more making shots, is necessary at the extreme level of accuracy and concentration. In addition, each ship has an auxiliary capability, which can be teleportation.

Graphic design in Starfleight is admirable, especially for the reason that the project was developed on the Unity engine. The only downside at the moment is low online, but this is fixable.

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