Age of Wind 2 tailwind

Age of Wind 2 tailwind
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Age of Wind 2 tailwind
Age of Wind 2 tailwind
Age of Wind 2 tailwind
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Projects devoted to the marine theme, designed not for everyone - but this version is likely to attract even those for whom the sea element was previously alien and unfamiliar.

So, run the game. What do we see? Some ships that come direct to us and our task - to remove them. And here ... first disappointment: no matter how much force does not put the player in battle and how talented he were not - the enemy will win! However, this is only a kind of complication: in this battle, each player loses not only provided a great ship, but all that matters. Begins with a clean slate - and it is here where the most interesting events.

The first fight, hopefully, the participants have not taken all the power? What - continue! Do not rush to get lost in thought and the space after the first loss - see the section where cards are placed. Now it is a huge expanse of water around is not so much scary, right? Before the player - complete freedom!

Understand a little bit with the cards, the player knows that not far - many islands, some of them equipped solid ports where fine thriving trade. Buy a boat? Please! Equip it with modern equipment? Nothing is easier! In addition, gamers almost immediately found several Allied ships.

But do not rush this idealistic picture of delusion: the sea is teeming and pirates! And they are just waiting to destroy your ship, taking everything that makes profit by honest labor. Although, as already mentioned, the front of the player in this plan - total freedom: it can itself become a pirate and rob others, even to play then it will be difficult at times - there will be more attacks.

Fight to survive will have to memorize a few rules. First to fire at a nearby ship, to be attached to it laterally. In each ship has a stock kernel - normal, fire, and the off-center of gravity - that they can do the greatest damage to enemies. In addition, the disposal of the player will be rare barrels of gunpowder.

After the battle with the enemy can take yourself supplies to be found on the ship (a fish, rum, food stores) - they can later sell in the ports. One of the trophies will be useful first aid kit.

Gameplay involves the periodic sale of production at the ports. For the money the gamer can upgrade your ship: for example, to bribe guns etc. You can, of course, buy a new ship - but, clearly, is expensive, but if you save up money for a while - that's real.

Finally we say that the Age of Wind 2 - this is the first marine simulator, so do not miss the opportunity to review it! Tailwind!

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