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Puzzle Craft 2
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Puzzle Craft 2
Puzzle Craft 2
Puzzle Craft 2
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Puzzle Craft 2 (Building Puzzle 2) - the next part of the exciting applications of the company's strategy CHILLINGO. At this time we are together with the crew of the spaceship is on a desert island.

The wooden ship was wrecked on the reefs ostye into smithereens, so return to the civilized world, you can only imagine in their snah.

If we want to ostatsya live in a new environment, it is necessary to colonize a piece of land and make sure that the survivor of a shipwreck crew of any chem is not needed.

It is clear that the first thing we have to find a variety of resources and build a house, which will be convenient to dwell. After the first meeting necessities can already move on to the land development plan selskogo economy. We are going on the same plot of land to grow crops, grass, whole forests and animal husbandry. Only stones and iron ore we have to produce in special mines.

The bulk of the gameplay is developed in the fields. The game resembles the Process of the application in the style of "three in a row." The same elements in the same chain will disappear in order to make room for the next.


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