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Blood Tyrant
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Blood Tyrant
Blood Tyrant
Blood Tyrant
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Blood Tyrant (Blood Tyrant) is an epic strategy about dragons, bloody fights and a hundred buildings.

The plot in the game for someone may not seem very clear, but if you looked at the "Game of Thrones", you immediately realize where the Night Lord, his dead dragon and the army of snow-white corpses came from. You are waiting for the battle for the land that is in the domain of your clan. It will be necessary to build defensive lines, gather resources, hire and train various soldiers, as winter ahead of us and dozens of terrible battles await us.

As in many strategies, online will have to start with the construction of central buildings and buildings without which the kingdom can not succeed in military affairs and economy. On farms you can grow food, and in warehouses all food will be safely stored, the sawmill allows to collect and protect trees, and the barracks to train fresh troops that will fight with the army of walkers.

Any building or unit will cost you some coins or supplies, so do not forget about economic well-being.


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