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Mini Guns
Mini Guns
Mini Guns
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Mini Guns (Mini Guns) is a cute toy strategy game based on the Clash Royale principle.

At the beginning of the game process you will need to go through a bit of a boring learning process, where you will be helped to understand all the intricacies of the application. Due to Russian localization, you can, if you wish, fully understand not only the management features, but also the idea that the developers tried to invest in their creation.

In the application there will even be a good variety in the types of units, some of which can be unique and have strong abilities. The strategy will have two combat modes: PvP with other gamers, and a campaign with single missions.

Our strategy will please gamers, albeit simple, but very interesting and non-trivial graphics, which, when paired with dynamic animation, looks magically. We also need to remember the good musical accompaniment.

Small, but still a minus is a very limited number of cards. Everything will happen in one location, which will become more and more boring with demanding gamers with each level.


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