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Chaos Battle League
Chaos Battle League
Chaos Battle League
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Chaos Battle League (the League of Chaos Battle) - the developers of this game project offer gamers to conduct battles in different historical periods.

Before us is a strategy in which the most loved gameplay is as much as possible improved. The game process involves collecting a deck of cards, each of which must be pumped in turn. Also, the user has to become a participant in duels with other players.

Cards can be obtained through special toasters, which are also temporary chasers of Chaos. Presented characters have their own value in energy and level. It is necessary to gradually improve the skills of heroes, what opponents can do, so that their strength is constantly growing.

Fights are held in a classical style: on the field there are three towers in one side and three in the opposite direction. The deck consists of 8 cards, but at the same time, no more than four cards can be used.

In order for the outcome to be positive for us, it is necessary to calculate all the time how our enemy can act, and, based on this, to expose the corresponding character.


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