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Sea Battle: Heroes
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Sea Battle: Heroes (Sea Battle: brave captains) is an almost classic vision of developers of standard sea battle with minimal gameplay capabilities and a very bright and dynamic picture.

All new mobile toys on the topic of sea battles are trying to minimize the time for one fight, it is done by adding special abilities and air strikes, such as a nuclear bomb or torpedoes. In the same toy will be all as in the days of playing on a piece of paper.

The project is oriented precisely to confrontation online, which means that you will not find a computer opponent here. The search for opponents will happen almost instantaneously, while enemies will be approximately the same level as you. There will be special skills that can be used in the round, but only three times.

In addition to experience in duels, you will also receive coins, for which you can buy new shells. It is worth noting that the correspondence between the players will be carried out only at the expense of emoticons, so you can not express the emotions with words, but the game is not about it.


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