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Imperia Online
4.67 / 3
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Imperia Online (Era of Militant Empires) - an excellent multi-user application strategy, in which the user must take control of the whole kingdom and deal with anyone who dares to prevent it.

Age of Warring Empire is a standard start: the player needs to improve the pace, the farm, the mine and the sawmill. Also, we should not forget about the construction of the barracks, the city wall, the warehouse, the academy and other buildings that are necessary for the further expansion and development of the economic power of our kingdom.

Once in the tower, we can attack computer opponents. Campaign mode in the presented game is very impressive: there are enough chapters and locations in the territory of which we have to conduct battles.

The fights are held in automatic mode with step-by-step actions, we only need to observe what is happening and monitor the battlefield. As a result, the winner is the one with the heaviest fighters and more units in the army.

When we have accumulated combat experience and improved the units, you can move to the vastness of the global map and attack any user, plundering acquired in a foreign kingdom.


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