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Art of War: Last Day
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Art of War: Last Day is an online strategy where you will have to fight to forgive an AI that wants to capture the entire planet.

The process of playing Art of War: Last Day is normal: first you will have to build on your fortified base power plants and extractive resources of the enterprise that will provide you with provisions. Once the resources are fully provided for you, start building barracks and other structures that will allow you to hire soldiers and increase the defensive power of the base.

After that, move the common card, look for the "victim" of the initial levels and send your troops to a massive attack. The fighting will take place

In the automatic battle mode, as soon as the warriors meet, a deadly battle will begin. The toy will make you constantly think and maintain a balance between economic well-being, attacking power and defense potential. Only deliberate actions can lead you to the top of the world ranking, and if there are difficulties with financial well-being in the game, you can always resort to a donat, which will allow you to gain an advantage over all.


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