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Tower Defense - Castle TD
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Tower Defense - Castle TD (Defense Towers - Fortresses) - The application is an excellent representative of strategies where you need to keep the defense of your fortress. The result of such actions depends only on the user.

So, we have a kingdom that needs protection, because at any moment an assault can begin, and the player has to fight off a whole horde of evil spirits. To fulfill this goal, it is necessary to erect defensive towers that will help to cope with the enemy.

The towers are of several types. Enraged creatures move along the path along which it is necessary to build defense. Each structure has its own radius of defeat, the force of impact and the resource of development, so it is necessary to calculate tactically the defense tactically.

The user has the opportunity to be in two different worlds with a certain climate - forest and cold weather. You can go more than 20 levels, so it will be fun than in the break. As evil spirits are the orcs, wicked wolves, dragons and goblins. Also at each level there is a boss, which will be difficult to cope with.


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