The Samurai Wars

The Samurai Wars
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The Samurai Wars
The Samurai Wars
The Samurai Wars
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The Samurai Wars (Samurai Wars) is exactly the case when when a developer tried to transfer a huge toy to his mobile platforms. This time, the attempt was to transfer Total War - one of the most epic and global strategies, which for more than 10 years has kept the attention of fans of history and war. It is worth noting that the creators could get better, but we have what we have.

The plot will take us to Japan at the time of its conquest. The player will have to speak for a samurai who has only comprehended the philosophy of the teachings and is gaining strength. In the game you will have to seize the provinces, conquer them by force, through diplomatic negotiations or through contract killings of rulers.

The gamer needs to develop his empire by hiring warriors, and taking the new samurai to his command. All this is done with one goal - to seize the whole of Japan and unite all the provinces.

The mechanics of the economy are well thought out and will be of interest to connoisseurs of the genre. For battles made a unique form of control, but it will have to get used to a little.


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