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Oceans & Empires
Oceans & Empires
Oceans & Empires
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Oceans Empires (Oceans and Empires) - an interesting project-strategy with marine themes, the main task of the user in which was the process of creating a powerful fleet.

A player in the possessions is one of the many cities. The existing territories are divided between all the participants in the battle. The possessions of other users are visible on an extensive map.

As in other similar strategies, the user should gradually build a large number of buildings and strengthen the walls in them. Also there are various shipyards, thanks to which it becomes possible to produce powerful ships. Most of the travels are carried out on the water, especially if the mission is to find treasures.

Naturally, without gold coins and useful resources there was not. To earn the last, you need to cope with tasks, which in the gameplay abound. In some missions, we need to equip the city (for example, to improve existing buildings), others need to deal with a giant crab-monster, etc. The amount of reward received for the job is directly dependent on its complexity.

Users also have the opportunity to create alliances in order to increase their power and strength as a result.


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