Siege Raid

Siege Raid
4.2 / 5
Siege Raid
Siege Raid
Siege Raid
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Siege Raid (The Siege) - wonderful app strategy in the tower defense format, where there is an opportunity to compare their skills with other real users.

We have a choice between three represented races: orcs, humans and elves. Having defined the faction, we will go on to promote the campaign, which is here the name Dungeon.

Our database is constantly in the left side of the battlefield, which is unusual enough. The main task - to destroy the opponent, using his troops wisely. To call a military force, you must use the main resource - wood, which accumulates in the automatic mode. You can increase the amount of wood produced, if you play for the elf, with special fireflies.

The troops carried out an attack on each other, too automatic. To win, you need to deal with the central tower of the enemy. If you manage to destroy the first side of the tower, you can install the unit closer to the enemy.

In addition to the campaign also has the opportunity to fight with other users on the special stage. Earned from successful attacks of resources you can use to access the new cards.


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