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Game review ( - strategy, which all the mechanics for a long time and perfectly learned by hit, where you have to capture the tower enemies, conquering one area after another.

After some training missions that it will be possible to skip, press start and join to any server. On a huge map in addition you will have three gamer and your goal - to win all. The player will be the main lock, which can hold up to 50 soldiers. Due to the left of the screen buttons to select what percentage of soldiers will have to send, and give the order to attack a nearby tower, which is not owned by anyone.

After that, you will see the construction of its flag, wait until the tower comes your desired number of soldiers and send them into battle again.

All neutral tower can be a little upgrade, thus increasing the maximum capacity of units in it. Upgrade towers you make using sitting in her soldiers.

Even during the battle you will be able to conclude an alliance with someone of the players together to defeat enemies. Simple picture with bright colors looks amazing.


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