Bloons Monkey City

Bloons Monkey City
3.5 / 2
Bloons Monkey City
Bloons Monkey City
Bloons Monkey City
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Bloons Monkey City (Blunks City Monkey) - a vivid and very interesting application strategy, in which the developers have implemented a fun gameplay and unusual ideas.

We find ourselves in the world of monkeys, who decided to build up their own state, the head of which will be a strong leader, and populate it will become happy citizens. Also, no one has forgotten and great works of art.

However, to achieve this goal, you will need to capture a large number of areas. At first it seems that everything is easy enough: all around us a desert, a large number of rivers, forests, fields and lakes. But it complicates the presence of balloons, which do not agree with these developments. Their whole pack, which is trying hard to keep its influence over unpopulated land areas.

Macaques have to arm themselves with spears and go to conquer new lands. As the first part of the gameplay in favor of urban simulation. We need to build houses monkeys, take care of the banana plantations, on which our animals grow money, and create windmills providing electricity each building. The second part will be the conquest of territory.


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