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Farm and Click
Farm and Click
Farm and Click
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Farm and Click (Farm Clicker) is a casual simulator that will reveal to you the subtleties of becoming a farm, where a gamer will have to grow various fruits and vegetables, getting money for it.

Calling this application a farm simulator would be somehow not very right, it is more like a simple clicker, where the design is a bit like a farm. You will have to start with just one bed, but little by little your collection will start to yield money, and you can develop your farm to make it more profitable.

On the first unpretentious bed, you can grow cabbage, while for you it will be necessary every day to go and watch your crop, so as not to miss the time of collection. With each seedling, you will initially receive a gold coin, but after a while this amount will become higher and higher as well as the speed of growing the produce.

All the time the number of beds will only grow, on them you will be able to grow corn, tomatoes, carrots and other popular and not very agricultural crops. There will be representatives of the animal kingdom: chicken, mumps, and fish in the local lake.


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