Farmer Sim 2018

Farmer Sim 2018
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Farmer Sim 2018
Farmer Sim 2018
Farmer Sim 2018
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Farmer Sim 2018 (Simulator Farm 2018) - a realistic simulation application, where everyone can be in the role of a farmer.

Users expect huge locations in which the world is completely open. In their territory you can do your favorite thing - the farm. By location, you can freely move, exploring the neighborhood and independently visiting stores in which we expect new models of agricultural machinery. It is also possible to transport raw materials.

As well as in the sensational farm simulator, we need to take under our control various techniques. The tractor, which has a special nozzle, is able to plow the land. After such manipulation it is necessary to sow, and after a certain period of time, to collect what will ascend. Each action in the game process requires the use of a specific type of technology, which must be understood and correctly applied throughout the game.

In addition to our main occupation - the cultivation of crops, we can also start breeding livestock: turkeys, cows, pigs, chickens and sheep. They are not only necessary to take care of, but also on time to feed and monitor their housing.


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