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Funghi's Den
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Funghi's Den
Funghi's Den
Funghi's Den
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Funghi's Den is an amazing sandbox in which the user has to make an original world.

The gamer falls into the bright universe of unusual creatures who prefer to exist under the earth. In accordance with this, the user is shone to help them in the arrangement and construction of their small world.

In this almost all you can find for yourself a lesson, the developers have worked on the glory to add a large number of buildings and other parts. In addition, everyday tasks greatly diversify the game world. You will be able to learn a lot about the world of Fungi and fully grasp the sold plot.

Small creatures work without any specific player intervention, but you still need to watch them. They can be changed, and still infused into various buildings and sent to all kinds of work.

A gamer at Funghi's Den will need to grow crops so that people do not suffer from hunger. Still the inhabitants make all kinds of tools, if before that you put them in a variety of shops or workshops. Naturally, not counting the routine, the user expects memorable and vivid adventures.


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