Snoopy's Town Tale

Snoopy's Town Tale
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Snoopy's Town Tale is a vivid application with shooting balls, in which there is even a small story story.

The plot line tells about the breakdown of a wonderful lawnmower, attempts to repair it only worsened the situation. Because of what happened, the birds were trapped in bubbles. Now the multicolored balls contain the birds. The user must select the spheres in such a way that they correspond to the shades.

As the main hero is Snoopy, who is trying his best to help the feathered. Friends help you in this mission. The user has to pass 140 proposed unique levels.

As you progress through the game process, new opportunities open up. The number of balls used by the player is naturally limited, so it is necessary to think in advance of the most successful move. At first this will not be a problem, but subsequent levels will require thoughtfulness.

The application is well drawn, and the background melody calms and allows you to concentrate. There is also a kind of training stage at the first levels, when hints are highlighted during loading, so that the user does not have problems with management.

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