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Gravity Space Walk VR
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Gravity Space Walk VR is an unrealistically cool simulation application where a user in a virtual reality has to do climbing. Thanks to the presented game, you can experience new emotions for yourself, even if not in real life.

There is a learning process in the game process, so it's best to start the passage from the training park. Here we are waited by a high rock, which can be combed, like a spider, in all directions. However, it is difficult, but still you can break into the cliff.

For our climbing closely watches kvadrokopter, taking everything that happens on the camera. At the completion of the level, it is this object that determines the total time for which we managed to cope with the task.

In the future, we will have real beauty and hardcore. Before us there is a lonely rock and a sea of ​​bright green hue. We need to climb to the very top of the mountain.

The developers have tried to create realism, thanks to which the wards will not be able to hold on to one hand for long, and even grabbing the next ledge is also not very easy.

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