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Pet Oasis (My Oasis) is a fascinating musical clicker where you can spend hours continually improving and developing your heavenly islands.

After the launch of Pet Oasis, you will have a tiny island that will float in the sky. On this island there will be absolutely nothing, apart from several stones, a small lake and dry wood.

Your goal is to tap on the screen, get hearts, and then spend it on upgrading and building your island. Increasing the level of your oasis, you do not just increase the hearts that you can earn with one click, but also populate your island with all kinds of plants, animals and other representatives of flora and fauna. Back in Pet Oasis there will be a unique booster, which, if you run it, you will be able to receive your hearts for a certain time.

Often an icon of melodies will appear over any objects of your island. Click on it, you listen to the music, and after that you will try to repeat it.


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