Exploration DIVERS II

Exploration DIVERS II
3.83 / 12
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Exploration DIVERS II (Unusual Study 2) - fascinating adventures in the design of Maincraft, where the gamer will have to study 11 unique and colorful block worlds.

Before the game starts, you will choose the place where the events will take place - they will all be open and wait for how often you have to do it, you do not have to. After your appearance on the location, you will begin to deal with the usual business for Maynkrafta - getting food, building a house, improving armor. And some of the worlds is a kind of survival mode, and some will be the usual sandbox, where you do not have to think about health or food.

Unlike the original application, in the game Exploration DIVERS II you are waiting for a very colorful and fully constructed levels: nice gardens, houses, where trees and flowers are grown, mines, stadiums and other social and decorative buildings. It's just fun to wander around and admire all these picturesque buildings.

The game will definitely surprise you with its balanced block graphics and the lack of the need to connect the Internet.


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