Trucker: City Delivery

Trucker: City Delivery
3.21 / 14
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Trucker: City Delivery (Truck in the city of 3D) is an excellent simulator application, in which we have to deal with long-distance transportation of various cargoes.

In addition to the trucker's profession, the user has yet to perform the work of the crane operator, since it is first necessary to load the car, and at the end point, in the same way, unload the contents from the body.

In the gameplay there are several levels of complexity. The higher they are, the more dangerous the filling of the car, the more difficult it is to transport it to the desired destination. It is necessary to think in advance the way of movement, and also to remember about following the rules of the road.

In terms of graphic design, the developers worked properly. They also did not forget about the good voice of cars on the highway and the road itself. Users will be pleased with the physics of movement, thanks to which the load is able to change its position in the trailer, depending on the turns performed by the machine. Therefore, the player should not forget that the car can turn over in the event that you do not slow down in time with the load on a sharp turn.

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