Blocky Farm Worker Simulator

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Blocky Farm Worker Simulator
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Blocky Farm Worker Simulator is a simulator of the well-known genre of farming, which is executed in a bright cubic style.

First, you have to sit behind the wheel of a bulldozer, after which you will have to remove stones and other debris and plan an area for the construction of your future farm. When all the work is completed, it will be possible to move on to the next stage - the laying of the main building. Due to the loader, it will be necessary to transport construction materials to the specified location, and the erection of the building will automatically start. After this, transfer the beams from the crane and you already have a basic farm.

Your next step in the toy will be a trip to the neighboring settlement to buy seeds and other necessary things there. Returning home, you will start to dispose of your purchases in the soil pre-fertilized. Then it will be necessary to wait a little and collect the fruits, having received good money for it in the market. After this, it is necessary to repeat this chain of actions, constantly opening all new and new kinds of plants.


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