The Cheetah

The Cheetah
3.9 / 10
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The Cheetah (cheetah) is a non-standard variant of RPG, in which the place of magicians, knights and other fictional characters was occupied by fast and constantly hungry cheetahs.

In the first game mode, we have to move along the savannah along with other users and deal with other animals. As our victims are rats, anteaters, gazelles, monkeys, wild boars and hyenas. They move through the territory in the herd.

Thanks to every killed animal, we get a certain amount of gold coins, experience and a few precious crystals. Raising the level, we automatically make a stronger attack, improve the speed of movement, the level of protection and health, taking advantage of gold for such purposes. It is also possible to open access to various active and passive skills that can help in the battle.

When we reach the fifth level of development, we can already start a battle with other opponents in real time, where we will have the opportunity to prove to all users that our cheetah has become the strongest and will be able to deal with any enemy.


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