Impossible Bottle Flip

Impossible Bottle Flip
3.5 / 2
Impossible Bottle Flip
Impossible Bottle Flip
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Impossible Bottle Flip (the Impossible Bottle Flip) is a legendary arcade where a gamer needs to throw an interesting bottle of an interesting image.

Many have seen more than once on the Internet such flash mob where people try to hurl a bottle in such a way that the one, making a coup in the air, landed directly on the bottom. This is not the first toy of this genre, but it differs as close to life as the gameplay. In the application there will be only fifteen rounds, but already in the very first level you will understand how much this will be difficult and realistic.

The gamer will have to throw a bottle on all sorts of objects (floor lamps, chairs, tables). And the most interesting is that after touching the bottle, they will start to fall, depriving the gamer of only seconds, in order to make a decisive shot. To go even the first location will have to use just a huge number of attempts. And sometimes annoying blunders can make you mad. The very same control game is very simple and straightforward. You can play with only one finger.

The physics of playing stars from the sky is not enough, but everything will look pretty realistic.

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