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Pocket fishing
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Pocket fishing
Pocket fishing
Pocket fishing
Pocket fishing
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Pocket fishing (Pocket pybalka) - cool simulator such great fun and loved by all classes as fishing. Game quality - this is manifested in all its areas. The process itself is very well thought out and realistic. Schedule also leaves no complaints. Just catch yourself a fish and have a lot of fun.

Gameplay is not complicated! When the fish begins to bite - pull the bait, but not with maximum force, as the fishing line can not survive. It should be done with a sense - when the fishing line taut much - worth a little vain, and when the fish get tired, you can safely pull it to shore. That this is not due to the cunning and realistic way you can catch a lot of tasty and big fish. When the fish is as close to the shore, your character will pull its own landing net from the water. Well, naturally, the more fish catches on the hook, the harder it will be to pull out of the water.

App Features:

- More than ten reservoirs;

- Huge selection of equipment and all kinds of gear;

- Fish pond will fit in which you try to catch it.

- You can read a lot of important and interesting facts about fish.

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