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The terminal
The terminal
The terminal
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The terminal (Terminal) - If you've always wanted poprobovat yourself as a manager of air terminal, an application for android platform will delight you and provide a similar opportunity. Osnovnym your job in the game will be provided access to the monopoly of their industry. Just before that you have yet to surpass all such companies that work within your country, and only then move gradually into the world arena. Try to monopolize the industry represented.

Here is not an ordinary game in the genre of arcade building, and the most realistic application which refers to the strategy genre. You will need to take place in the popular gameplay now among game developers mode - real time.

Carefully and responsibly reacted to his work, because everyone, even the most insignificant at first glance, a miscalculation could lead to a large-scale disaster in which people may die. We need to realize how serious the responsibility lies with you.

Before you start passing gameplay necessarily Defeat training, during which you each step will be explained consistently.


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