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Furdiburb (Tamagotchi) - the game as if it is designed for people who are going through because of a lack of responsibility in their lives. To remedy this situation, animal, whose name is Furdiburb offers to be his parent and constant care. This creature - an alien who was thrown by his parents, on an alien planet earth for him. Well, now you have received such an honor to be parents a little inoplanetyashki.

The game is a genre of "Tamagotchi Simulator." The bottom line comes down to the fact that you have to regularly care for and educate the stranger who lives in the game ..

It is worth to say that the pupil of your hands are completely absent.

The game begins with the fact that you will see a house on the roof of which is chicken. The camera moves down and shows us that the grass in front of the house is a chicken egg. Order something from it hatched, it is necessary not only to sit and wait, and ask for chicken care. After some time the shell starts to crack a little. You'll have to throw it well and shake in order to finally see this alien horror stories of black.

Furdiburb likes: strawberries, corn, cherries and other tasty fruits.


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