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Pocket Chibi
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Pocket Chibi is a causal application where you have to create your own kinds of characters for the characters from the anime.

You will have a chance to make an exclusive and original, in all senses of the character. A lot of things will be available to the gamer. Initially, most of the things will be unavailable, but with the passage will be opened more and more.

There are 8 absolutely different characters in this Irge. There will be both girls and boys, while some of the characters will hold big swords, bows, knives, and some will simply be in the form of angels with wings or beloved pop artists. You can make a personal hero by changing his outdoor picture to a complete unrecognizability.

Actually that will allow you to arrange a unique type of anime character! You need to start with the color and shape of the eyes, haircuts, hats and physique, and then you will choose clothes, a gun and various devices. Things and items are quite large, and the final result will directly depend on the depth of your imagination.


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