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A Girl Adrift
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A Girl Adrift is a stylish, enchanting and most unusual connection between the role-playing application and the click of all the games that appeared for android this year.

To go through the gameplay we will be in the role of a girl, drifting on a raft in the endless sea. Our heroine was in such a situation due to a global catastrophe, due to which all the land was under water. Now on the surface there were only small islets-harbors. The task of the user is to swim from one such islet to another and to perform a variety of missions, which most often only merge with fishing.

This is what will become the main occupation in A Girl Adrift, which, if done, we will be able to earn local money. We'll put the fishing rod and wait until the fish starts pecking. When we start pulling the fish out into the air, a fight begins, in which we need to press the screen pretty quickly so that our catch does not end up in the water again.

The fish that we managed to catch eventually ends up in a warehouse, from which it can then be sold and for the amount raised, improve the fishing rods and acquire additional "gadgets".


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