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Clash Mutant
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Clash Mutant (Mutant Strike) is a unique toy where the gamer will have to manage a whole team of superheroes.

During the game process you will need to drive through the levels and perform the basic missions (destroy the enemy's forces or destroy their tower). At the same time, it is worthwhile to manage simultaneously with three of your heroes, all of them will have unique skills inherent only to them.

To simplify the life of gamers, developers have added an auto-passing button so that characters can use their skills as effectively as possible. Each of the characters you can upgrade, but for these actions will need finance.

In addition to the mode with simple tasks and locations, the gamer will have the opportunity to play with other gamers via the Internet. In PvP will participate two gamers (each with 3 characters). It is because of this mode and it costs itself to download this application right now.

It is worth noting that in the Clash Mutant it's worth constantly combining the skills of the heroes in order to inflict the maximum damage to the enemy. To get to that, you have to play enough, but most importantly, from the very beginning form the right team.


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