Protecting the king

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Protecting the king
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Protecting the king
Protecting the king
Protecting the king
Protecting the king
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Protecting the king (King Protection) - pull out his sword and be the epitome of Alice's medieval character, whose goal - victory over all enemies that threaten the lives and health of King Edward. Since the beginning of the game the king's life becomes much more important than even the life of a character, because just because the king has already saved the world for so long in a large kingdom.

Toy soaked grim medieval aura, so that players plunge into the murky world of knights and villains. You will need to prevent any threat to the king in the bud. So it is not a criminal polyazhet from your hand.

The game stands out from the masses due to:

- 3D circular scan with high graphic details;

- Realistic animation;

- Free regular updates;

Do not hesitate and start to defend the great king right now!

During the Middle Ages kings was very difficult to secure a reliable protection, because then no fiction art and traitors could drive a knife in the back for any rotation. The king had special trained security guards who protected the lords of all troubles and dangers. Just such a warrior and you will become.

Be careful, because the danger can come at any moment.


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