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Road Warriors (Road Warriors) - a non-standard action, due to which you will participate in interplanetary races.

The main character, the cosmopolitan penguin is called Clack, and he decided to take part in the deadly races, where he tries to earn money and deserve fame. Going from your ship to the surface of an unknown planet, you will try to get used to the nuances and subtleties of the gameplay. It will help you in this smart robot, which has already taught more than one novice racer.

Your car itself will be torn forward, and there can be no braking. But there will be a chance to perform dizzying jumps and flips. This will enable you to jump through the usual obstacles, and still earn coins. And every correctly executed somersault will give you acceleration for a while, which will allow you to simply rush forward and not even pay any attention to the obstacles. Since your transport will be able to sweep everything in its path.

However, with opponents in the game, you can even figure out shooting them with rockets and pounding with traces.


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