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GX Monsters (Machine Monsters) - epic racing competitions on monster traks, which are full of power.

This application offers users to take under their control huge cars and become participants in various competitions. Races are held in this way - each of the four participating drivers moves along a certain strip, coping with a variety of springboards and obstacles.

Naturally, the one who managed to cross the finish line before the others automatically wins the race, while gaining experience and reward. It should be noted that the user should not pay too much attention to turns, as the car moves only forward. However, the driver should concentrate on the position of the car in the air, because thanks to an ideal landing the car gets a significant acceleration.

In the presented game the user can compete in multiplayer or single modes. Of course in multiplayer, competitions are much more interesting, because real players are acting as rivals, and demonstrating their skills is always more fun.


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