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Blind Drive
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Blind Drive (Blind Drive) - a hardcore application that is a simulator of the unseeing driver. The developers sent their creation to the section of racing games, although it is difficult to call it a full-fledged racing competition.

The user passes a freeway with blindfolded eyes, when absolutely no road is visible. However, the hope to remain alive still does not leave the main character. Along the way, we hear a voice that says to be more careful on the track, and also wishes a successful arrival. The task of the player is to react to the sound produced by the oncoming cars in order to dodge in time from a collision with them. The user is given three attempts, when we can get into an obstacle. If all attempts are exhausted, we lose accordingly.

To get the most out of your driver's senses, it's better to go through the motorway in headphones and close your eyes - this is the only way to concentrate your attention to the sounds of the environment and avoid collisions with other cars on the road.

The game received a minimalistic design, as well as a fairly simple control system, because it does not require more gameplay.


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