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GX Motors - exciting I am very bright race, where the gamer will be able to compete in the level of skill with other opponents.

The basis of gameplay is online racing. And gamers there will indeed be a very large number, and this means that finding the enemy does not take much time, and everything will happen in just a few seconds. Balan in the game is respected and chasing you will be against opponents, whose level meets your.

All participants in the race are on the same route, you can not turn. The relief for all this while all the time will change dramatically (all kinds of slides, springboards and bumps), which will force you to keep an eye on the situation on the road.

In addition to the brake and accelerator buttons, the gamer can use the arrows to change the tilt of the car. They need to be used, mainly during jumping, since perfectly landing, you will get a very solid bonus and an increase in the speed of the car.

Another gamer will have to monitor the technical condition of the car. GX Motors has a system of improvements, so that the machine could be competitive.


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