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Turbo Racing League
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Turbo Racing League
Turbo Racing League
Turbo Racing League
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Turbo Racing League (Turbo Speed) - interesting racing competitions from the animation studio called Dream Works, performed on the basis of the animated film Turbo.

A tiny snail named Turbo, who dreamed all his life of crawling quickly, found an advertising sticker with clandestine races. Now our hero set himself the goal in any circumstances to take part in such a competition.

The task of the user is to help Turbo realize its dream and get the cup in the races. To cope with such a difficult task will help the chief engineer to improve the characteristics of shells named Tito. To increase the speed of its shell, you need to use apples, which can be collected in the game process.

Colorful game has four types of control for the snail to choose from: you can use the accelerometer, and activate various virtual keys, which makes the process of passing much more interesting and diverse. So the application can not bother for a long time, so the gamer will be able to enjoy the game in full.

In the future, developers promise a new version of the application, which will be endless money.


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