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Chase Target is a minimalistic racing arcade application in which the user has to break away from the chase of the cops.

For whatever reason, city policemen are chasing us, it is not known, but we have no choice but to make our feet. We fly through the streets, shoot down the lanterns that come in the way and evade enemy vehicles. Also incidentally, you need to select dollars, which are scattered throughout the location.

The most important thing you need to cope with the user is not to let the police cars press their vehicle to the walls of buildings or surround them from all sides. In this case, in just a few seconds, we will be caught and arrested. Another danger is the river, in which our rider ends up fatal. Also our ward is chased by a police helicopter. If we slow down or crash into something, the helicopter immediately covers our car with a burst of machine gun, which at once destroys the hero.

You can use the bills you have earned in the course of your journey to purchase a new vehicle. Cars differ not only externally, but also speed characteristics.


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