Army War Truck 3D Racer

Army War Truck 3D Racer
3.35 / 17
Army War Truck 3D Racer
Army War Truck 3D Racer
Army War Truck 3D Racer
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Army War Truck 3D Racer (3D Military Truck) - an unusual variant of the racing application from the developer Transylgamia. Here we find well-designed graphics in three dimensions, full details of the existing facilities, challenging gameplay, and large in size locations, which significantly increases the interest in the gameplay.

Overcoming the tracks on the player to military equipment, which will belong to different epochs: here you can ride on the old lorry, and the modern jeep.

Trails are looped. To win the race, you need to overcome three laps and be the first at the finish. There are no other options. However, rivals in the race provide every opportunity to win is our driver, as if they are passing the road with my eyes closed, constantly bumping into a chipper. And even if the enemy buries into the fence or the other riders on one of the turns, it will not try to turn around using reverse, but simply begins to slip in one place.

Management is not very convenient. Also, we may be among a heap of scrap metal. All that we can help your ward, it's changed the direction of his vehicle.


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