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Solomon's Keep
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Solomon's Keep
Solomon's Keep
Solomon's Keep
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Solomon's Keep is an RPG-style action with a brave and brave magician who is willing to sacrifice his life to save humanity.

Not far from the city of the dead, on the hill there is a large tower, inside of which sat a terrible and cruel necromancer. He can do terrible things, he also belongs to the army of skeletons, bats and zombies. He created all this evil, and you have to finish all the evil spirits, bravely battling against the monsters, moving through the dark corridors of the towers.

In that very tower there is practically no ray of light, so that in front of the hero can wait for anything. But due to the magic staff, you can hit your opponents at the expense of fireballs and bright flashes of light. Try to reach the top of the structure and defeat the worst enemy, but the difficulty will be that the higher the floor, the more enemies you will be waiting for there.

First you will resist ordinary skeletons, a couple of pokes, and they simply fall apart. Next, you will meet archers attacking at great distances, and the skeletons will already be with shields and swords.


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