Mini DAYZ - Survival Game

Mini DAYZ - Survival Game
3.5 / 2
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Mini DAYZ - Survival Game (Mini Day - Survival Game) is a mobile version of the popular zombie game, made in pixel style. The application puts before the users only one goal - to stay alive by any means.

When performing the main mission, it is necessary to keep track of the temperature, hunger, health and thirst of the protagonist all the time. The environment directly affects the state of the character. It is also worth noting that the indisputable advantage of the presented application is the random image of the current location generation. Thanks to this, the user after death each time finds himself in a unique world, which is radically different from the previous ones.

The game process has no other users with which the user could compete, but from time to time our hero meets with the others who managed to survive. Some can be aggressive, while others, on the contrary, are friendly. Thanks to this approach, the game gets a variety of situations, and the user - an exciting process of passage, which can not quickly get bored.


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