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Logics Dots 2
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Logics Dots 2
Logics Dots 2
Logics Dots 2
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Logics Dots 2 (Logical Dots 2) is the next part of one of the most popular applications for androids. In the continuation of the puzzle, the developers decided to slightly change the mechanics.

The player now has to cope with a completely different task - now we have to fill the cells with the playing field, taking into account the values ​​indicated on the edges of the location. Having coped with all stages of the learning process, we immediately understand what needs to be done and how to prioritize.

All you need to do is put the dots in special cells on the playing field. To do this, just click on the empty cell, after which it will be immediately filled with a ball. Particular attention should be paid to the numbers that are displayed on the sides of the screen and indicate the number of cells that need to be painted in a row or column.

The game offers several different modes, but they differ only in the size of the playing field, and everything else stays in place, as well as the main task. Management, too, remains unchanged throughout the gameplay - a single click on the cage sets a ball on it, another tap paints the selected area in a pink tint.


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